Try the new product that combines sustainability with durability.

New Spruce-Ups Cleaning Cloths are made with 80 % Rayon, which is derived from trees, one of nature's fastest regenerating resources.

80% Rayon/20% Polyester

Made in USA

Soaks up 5 times its weight of water

Soft and absorbent

One face smooth, the other nubby, for tougher jobs

Approx. size 11" X 11"

Machine, or hand wash

Multi-use wood fiber cleaning cloths with polyester stitching for added durability. Hybrid sewing/knitting process combines absorbent Rayon fleece with tough-scrubbing Polyester yarn. Works with water alone or with cleaning solutions. 18 layers of wood-fiber fleece are double-stitched with polyester to provide toughness & durability. 80 % made from spruce and other renewable softwoods. Unique construction provides one soft face and one coarser face for tougher jobs. Repeated usage renders cloth softer and increases bulk. Product is a hybrid knit and will shrink upon first wash/dry cycle, while retaining full functionality. Border stitching is an integral part of product - avoid cutting into smaller sizes. Numerous uses: Clean dishes, counters, sinks, walls, floors, vehicles, machinery, etc. Apply and buff waxes. Clean glass and mirrors. Most any cleaning job at home or on the go.